New S-Works Exos shoes

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by guyc

2 types

Exos 99 (99 grams :shock: ) and 'plain' Exos (150 grams)

More here: ... d-exos-99/

Only 500 pairs of the 99's - £600 :shock: :shock: :shock:

The regular Exos is a punchy £450

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by kode54

Interesting...Lighter it is...more expensive it gets. I'd like to try one on.
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by Weenie

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by cerro

I ordered a pair of regular Exos last week :D Thought about Exos99 but I don't like red
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by cycleboyco

I was ready to go order the Boa Exos tonight, but the Velonews review gave me a little pause and the photos seem to point out the potential issues with the toebox material. ... oes_483653

With the potential fragility and ventilation, maybe these will be exclusively summer/climbing shoes and I'll keep riding the S-Works 6 for the rest of the year.

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by Js2

That's one hella sexy shoe, but that toe box issue tho :noidea:

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by TobinHatesYou

I’d probably wear a hole through the toebox material just from repeatedly “kicking” my pedals into the right position before clipping in.

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by IchDien

Damn, didn't expect £450...guess S-Works 7 for me.

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by ichobi

If S-Works 7 are anything to go by, the Dyneema should breath fine. The shoes look really fragile though.

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by sychen

That exo99 grey/red is sexy as hell.

But seems like a race day shoe..

See bikeradar article... The toe material is already stretched.

Would be super comfy... Almost sock like.

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by IchDien

Hold on, wasn't the fact that they consulted with a bunch of orthopaedicians who told them to move the BOA off the top of the foot a major USP for the S-Works 7?

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by dcorn

I've already rubbed the paint off my SW6 shoes from toe overlap, starting to do the same to my SW7. I think the tire would straight up rip a hole in these. Not for me.

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by taodemon

So just a weight drop, but similar aero qualities as the SW7? I just got a pair of the SW7 near the end of last year so I likely wouldn't be getting new shoes any time soon anyways. They release a lot of limited shoes I like (tour down under version) but no budget for getting them all. :p

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by ichobi

Sw7 are not really aero. The boa stick out like sore thumbs. The material on sw7 should also be much more sturdy.

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by Mirco

The new Exos look nice, ok black and white are not my favored colors, but Specialized will release LTD Versions anyway.
But compared to the SW7 the stiffness Index is „just“ 13 instead of 15, the material is thiner, so less protection in colder conditions. So lets see, how many Pros they realy use instead of the SW7.

by Weenie

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