wheel bag for disc brake road wheels

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by FignonsMissing8Sec

I'm looking for a wheel bag for my set of disc road wheels. I'm thinking about the evoc bags but they do not have any protection for discs. https://www.evocsports.com/products/acc ... -2-pcs-set

Ideally I'm looking for mostly soft bags that have extra support and protection on one side for the discs. I don't really care if its one double bag or two single bags. Does anyone have any suggestions?

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

honestly you are way better off removing them for travel if you are worried about them getting tweaked untrue.

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by ms6073

Ditto on previous comment. As an early adopter of disc brakes for CX racing, when traveling by air I packed the bikes in Evoc's soft sided bags, removed the rotors - centerlock makes it pretty simple. This allowed me to carry 4 wheels in the bike case and a couple more in wheel bags as carry-ons which fit in the overhead on most airliners but regional jets/turbo props are a non-starter. For the OP, sorry for the shameless plug, but if you don't find any better options and are in the US, I have two brand new Mavic red padded wheel bags that I no longer need (image below is not the actual bags).

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