What stem on Deda Superzero

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by Orbital

PinaRene wrote:Strange , is that an original Deda Superzero handlebar ? Or is it a Deda Superleggero ? Both my handlebars look like this :
It’s an original Superzero, however mine is alloy. I must have missed that yours is carbon, I guess that’s what posting while having a fever and flu does! Someone may find all this info useful so I’ll leave my posts up if you don’t mind.

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by sennder

PinaRene wrote:
Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:57 pm
sennder wrote:
Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:04 am
Any comments on Deda Superzero bars vs. 3T Superergo/Ergonova? I'm contemplating getting new bars and want something ergonomic with internal cable routing (mostly for a di2 upgrade in the future).

I can gve you more information in a few weeks. Did 3 rides nog with the new handlebar , and it's a bit smaller than the 3T Ergonova 42cc I have ( #for sale now ). The Deda also has internal routing while the 3T cables run under the bar. When I first saw the shape of the Deda handlebar I thought ... hmm shall I use it , but now I've tried it 3 times I bought a seccond one as you can see for both my bikes.
I believe the size difference may be because Deda measures edge to edge while 3T measures center to center on the hoods (top of the drops). I believe the new 3T Superergo have full internal routing (at least from the images), though some reviews say that it's a bit of a tight bend on the shifter side. Glad you like the new bars. They look great as well. Eager to hear your opinion in a few weeks.



by Weenie

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