Swap handlebars with internal routing?

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by Catagory6

Miller wrote:
Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:16 pm
liam7020 wrote:
Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:37 pm
Catagory6 wrote:
Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:16 pm
the 3T ergonova internal routing was attrocious
Yep completely horrible.
I was thinking of doing internal routing on my currently externally-routed Ergonovas.
Maybe I'll just leave it for now.
the wisest choice you could ever make

by Weenie

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by dcorn

Welp, got the bike yesterday and the shop had pulled the wires all the way out of the frame already in order to ship it, so that kinda solved the problem for me. It was fairly easy to pull everything out of the internally routed bars. I started reinstalling the cables, which was a huge pain due to the frayed wire ends from clamping bolts. Hot most of it- done, but during the process, I saw that the cables included pieces from Sram, Shimano, and Jagwire, plus a bunch of cracked ferrule sheaths due to the frayed wire. Then some of the housings were too long for some reason, including the front brake housing which was a few inches too long somehow.

So I broke down and decided to just recable the whole damn thing anyway. Might as well do it correctly with new cables/housings and have everything match. I bought some slickwires and a cable cutter to hopefully get the job done this weekend. Should be interesting since I've never cabled a bike before. I can't really find any good how-to videos or websites.

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by 3Pio

Sorry to HiJack this thread, but having similar question..

Having two bikes.. On one of the bikes have Deda Superleggera which have Internal Routing.. On Second one, Easton EC90SLX3 external routing.. Since i bought Deda just month ago, im realizing that i really like how work with Campagnolo i use, so thinking to order another one for second bike.. But really dont want to trow away new cables i installed there (1000 km on them)..

So is it possible on Superleggera to install/route external? Since it's a bit thick bar, wont things get too bulky going external way here? Does someone did that, and how is comfort after that?


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by AJS914

You just route the cables under the bar and then wrap them. This is how it was done for decades before internally routed carbon bars. It shouldn't affect comfort as the cables will be along the bottom of the bar.

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