Cannondale Low Stack Head

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by alexneumuller

Am looking for.a different top part of the headcover, just under my stem. The current one is just to high as seen on the picture. Can anybody recommend a lower top headset cover?


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by Weenie

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by ubers

On my evo, when I took that high stack head cover off, there was a low profile bearing cover hidden underneath. This is what the assembly should look like:


Otherwise Cannondale experts stock one ... _4566.html

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by rukomasa

It used to be but not anymore. when I bought stock CAAD12 there is no low head cover there, Basically any headset for 1-1/8 can be used if you don't care too much about small cosmetic issue. In my case I just stole my spare for Chinese carbon 29er, it is branded Neco. Only concern is the clearance to head tube, obviously should not touch. if you add the very thin spacer under it, you can control the clearance.

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by pocari123

You can buy a low headset cover from your cannondale dealer. My supersix came with one in the box though. The dealer said the newer supersixes come with the low cover but not the caads.

Or you can get a cover from

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by nagge

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