New Continental 5000s tires - the CLINCHER (not TL) thread

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

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by bas

FlatlandClimber wrote:@Aesch - good to hear that you didn't make negative experiences yet.
Usually I try to abide by the recommendations of manufactures, but this completely voids the purpose of wide tires.
I think I will go with 28c/30c for Fondo racing with around 70psi on both.
73kg plus bike and I’ve been racing crits on 28mm with Hed Vanquish at around 73 front 75 rear, feels amazing, grip is superb

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by Weenie

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by welchy

Just for reference I've been running my 28Cs at 80psi front 85psi rear at 97kg combined bike and rider weight. Seems pretty perfect, that's with latex tubes but will likely stay the same when my tubolitos arrive.

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