New Continental 5000s tires - the CLINCHER (not TL) thread

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by petromyzon

Just received my 32mm non-tubeless tyres and very pleased with them. Running latex tubes, 60 psi front and 65 psi rear @80kg.
True to labelled size on Stan's Grails.
Extremely smooth ride feel, and for me the grip seems just as good as GP4000. I think Turbo Cottons are the stickiest I've used BUT I only ride them on warm dry roads in good weather so very hard to make a fair comparison.
Coming from Compass BJP Extralites. I had to downsize the tyres as 35mm labelled/37 measured was too large for the roads I ride and I needed a bit more space to fit guards. The bike feels a lot faster with the Contis on but I appreciate that the only fair comparison would be with a 32mm Compass.

by Weenie

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by rollinslow

Took my GP5000's 25mm clinchers out yesterday. They are excellent overall. Smooth and feel fast, and saved me 50g from my prior Corsa G's.
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by Gearjunkie

First time in the wet on 5000 (25mm clinchers) on the weekend.

Jury is still out. They weren't terrible, no sudden losses of grip, but just had this feeling that they weren't quite as grippy as 4000s2.

Might have been psychological, will withhold judgment until I get more time on them in the wet.

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by morrisond

I just mounted my Gp5 32mm on Campy Shamal DB 17C rims.

I removed 28mm GP4's (Well used) which measured 30.6mm with Digital Calipers.

Without riding them the new 32mm GP5's measure 30.4mm using the same pressure (90psi) and literally the same tubes.

I hope they plimp out a bit with riding - but right now it really feels like a mislabel - I was hoping they would be at least 32mm and plimp out to 33ish.

I had the bike built to take 34's - I'm hoping someone makes a racing tire that big.

BTW they weighed 289/290 grams.

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by RocketRacing

Does anyone mind posting the gp5000 clincher widths mounted with your pressure and internal rim diameters? Tha ks

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by RocketRacing

Gearjunkie wrote:
Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:22 am
My pair of 25mm 5000 clinchers arrived.

Weights are 218 and 226g for an average of 222g:


Imagemeaning of payton girl

They measured 25.5mm when first mounted on my Boras (17mm internal) and then 26.1mm after an 80km ride.

Thais data is great. Thank you!

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by dricked

I’ll have a pair of 25’s and 23’s to weigh shortly as well

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by peroni

Mounted the GP5000 on my Zondas C17 a few weeks ago. 25mm in the rear and 23mm upfront because you know aero...
Weight is 218g for the 25 and 201g for the 23. At 6.5 Bar their real size is 26mm and 24mm, perfect for me.
Probably only placebo effect but feel very fast compared to my previous Michelin Pro4 SC
After about 1100 km I have not flatted yet and they still look like new, running with Conti Race light tubes (75g)
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by Terrordact

Mounted GP5000 700x25 clincher tires to the LB 56 deep 30 external 23 internal rims. At 80psi they measure 28.19 perfect for the 105% rule even with a little stretching.

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by dim

I just bought the GP5000 clinchers in 32mm wide for my new touring bike

I'm using the tubeless version on my road bike and if these clinchers are as good as the tubeless, I will be very happy (I have used the tubeless version for more than 2200km's so far, zero punctures, grip well, are fast and still look like they have lots of miles left in them
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by pdlpsher1

I also got some GP5K 32s for my tandem, the non-TL version. The 32s are significantly wider and taller than the 28s I had. The 32s are 4.5mm taller and 3mm wider than the 28s. On my Hed Belgium + rims they measure 33mm wide. The extra tallness was so much that it affected my gearing. Rolling resistance seems to be better than the 28s. Currently running them at 75psi on the tandem rear wheel. I still have the 28s on the front wheel. The pic. below compares the 28s and the 32s. Look at the amount of space below the wording '5000'. The right is the 32.


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by PeytonM

I have a gp5 28c mounted to Corima wheel (16mm internal 26 external). Was initially measuring under 28mm but after a week settled to 28.2mm @95psi. Weight was 236g.

2000 km so far, and think it’s the best I’ve used.

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by Meyercord

rollinslow wrote:
Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:24 pm
Took my GP5000's 25mm clinchers out yesterday. They are excellent overall. Smooth and feel fast, and saved me 50g from my prior Corsa G's.
Oddly I made the same swap, but from Corsa graphene 2.0. Really impressed by the gp5000 as the only real difference I’ve noticed is the corsas are a bit smoother riding.

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by WorkonSunday

not scientific at all, we put 650b version of GP5000 (non-TL) on my wife's bike. preform rather well over the weekend triathlon. According to wife, they feel much better than Schwalbe Pro One 25c (650b also)that she had been running. braking feels much more responsive and more stable in general. and for me, they are a winner because much less swearing involved while mounting these compared to Schwalbe (which was tubeless ready).
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by a20dth

Have I supose GP 5000 23mm in rim 17mm interior and 25 exterior, It will be 24,1/24,5??

by Weenie

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