Need suggestions on what to do with System Six frame

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by quadlt250

Hey guys, I picked up my used System Six frameset a couple years ago. The original owner let me know that the top tube had been repaired after a handlebar swing induced crack and repainted, thus the price was fairly appealing.

Fast forward to today, and I have ridden & raced the System Six over 20,000km without issue, aside from wearing the re-done paint from my thighs rubbing the top tube occasionally. I love the bike, but just picked up an Allen Sprint, so I decided I’d sand it down and repaint the Cannondale frame, and potentially sell it or hold onto it for future use (give to a tall junior or something)
Well upon starting the sanding, I’ve realized the original paint was not sanded down, so now im stuck between getting it back to the stock look (which will take a lot longer to get all the joints sanded perfect, and the fork is already sanded to bare carbon) or just respraying it as is.

So my question is, what would you do?

If respraying from the current state, I am thinking that I’ll spray a spatter of lime green or neon pink over the white Cannondale logo on the downtube, then tape off the logo and do a gloss or satin black over the rest (open to any ideas, but would try to keep it fairly simple)

Here’s some pics of what I’m working with.







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by Maximilian

Uhh, just keep sanding?

by Weenie

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by roseyscot

More sanding

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by upside

great frame... just picked up a NOS that had the bare aluminum and nude carbon. I have had a ton of hiugh end bikes' but the System Six is just a fabulous frame. Sounds like you will have fun... do something unique.

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