Campagnolo Athena compatibility 2015 - 2011

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by Fixt00l

Hello! My apologies for the long post. I was pointed to this forum by users from another forum. They suggested that this is the right place for my questions. I need help choosing front and rear derailleurs for Athena 2015 shifters. I want metal levers and paddles, so this is my obvious choice for 11s. I found a long cage Athena RD from 2013, and a short one from 2011. I am coming from Chorus 9s. I know that Potenza is available at good prices, and that it clears a 32T cog, but DaveG says he likes his Athena more than his Potenza (due to the more crisp and obvious shifting, unlike the Potenza, which is a bit more like shimaNO). And...a plastic paddle on a shiny, Italian aluminium frame - sorry, not my cup of tea.
The 2015 shifters, EP15-AT1C, come at around 100 EUR shipped in Europe. The 2013 triple RD, RD13-ATB13, comes at roughly the same price, and the 2011 Athena short cage costs around 100 EUR shipped as well, so does the RD12-ATB1 from 2012. As it is quite hard to find NOS components, I do not care much about the price. I would like to try the Centaur 12-32 cassette with the long cage. The short one should be enough for an 11-29 or 12-29 cassette, as I am using a PZ Racing CR 3.1 carbon chainset in the front, with 46-33 chainrings, so even a short cage has enough capacity. These are my options for a RD.
For FD, I found a FD12-ATB2B from 2012. My aftermarket chainrings are compatible with 11 speed. Velotech UK`s FAQ says that:
" All Athena 11s components with the exeption of brake blocks and holders are completely compatible across the 2009-2014 / 2015 model years.
All Veloce 10s components are likewise, with the exeption of brake blocks and holders, completely compatible across the 2009-2014 / 2015 model years."
From this forum, I found this post, and I am confused if the Athena 2015 shifters will work with pre-2015 Athena RD and FD?
graeme_f_k wrote:
Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:19 am
Definitive answer including 2015 data.

1. All of the following assumes that the frame and hanger dimensions are as per Campagnolo specs. Other possibilities may exist outside of these frame parameters in particular cases and the specs do err a little on the conservative side in some cases as within the range of frame specs that Campag give, small dimensional differences can affect exact chain length and therefore overall capacities with correct chain tension in big to big and small to small combinations.

2. As Bikerjulio says, 11s RDs pre MY2015, back to late 2009 releases are 29T compatible. Prior to that, very early MY2009 RDs had to have the H screw bushing replaced to acheive 29T compatibility.

3. Athena 2015 is mechanically unchanged from 2010-2014 specification.

4. Changes in RD geometry mean that the overall capacity of the 2015 Revolution Plus RDs is increased by one tooth - so the new 12-30 Cassette available in Chorus, Record and Super Record iterations can be run but only with 2015 RD / FD combination - on the FD height setting is critical to avoid chain rub under the top of the FD cage on the big to big combination. 12-30 cassettes are not compatible with Athena 2010 - 2015.

5. There is absolutely no reverse compatibility between CH, RE and SR 2009-2014 RD and FD and / or gear controls with MY2015 units. We have tried it internally just to satisfy ourselves that this is not marketing spin. We can confirm it does not work.


by Weenie

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by DJT21

I'm not sure where the confusion lies; according to the quoted post Athena 2015 shifters will work with pre 2015 front and rear mechs.

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by Fixt00l

Somebody at another forum insisted that the quoted means that only cassettes and chains are compatible... English is not my native language, but I believe the first quote means that I can use any 11s Athena shifters with any 11s Athena derailleurs ?

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by WMW

I don't know if you care, but most likely you can use a Veloce or Centaur derailleur with your Athena shifters also. Pre 2015 11 and 10spd derailleurs used the same pull ratio. 2015 and newer Chorus and up are different, but I think the rest are still the same.

I'm running early Chorus 11 and a new Veloce derailleur for instance.
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by Alexandrumarian

In a pinch i use a 2015 chorus FD on my 2015 athena bike. The original derailleur was damaged in a chain tangle and rather than buying new i decided to try the chorus i had sitting idle (which is also a bit battered (lost cage damper, cage a bit widened))
I don't recall how the original athena worked; it is a bit less quick than my proper 2015 otherbike in terms of going to the big ring but it works decent enough so at least in this case the pull incompatibility is not so bad.

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