What groupset do you ride?

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What groupset do you ride?

Poll ended at Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:15 pm

Campagnolo Mech
Campagnolo EPS
Shimano Mech
Shimano Di2
Sram Mech
Sram Etape
Total votes: 149

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by seaneT1

Sram etap (rim brake) on the bike I currently own (used to be ultegra mechanical before upgrading to electronics), Campagnolo Centaur on the bike I currently ride (not mine though), Shimano Dura ace Di2 hydraulic on the new one that I am about to order.

by Weenie

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by tabl10s

eTap x 3 & Di2.
2015 Pinarello F8: 13.13lbs/5.915kg(w/Roval 64's).
2016 Rca: 11.07lbs/5.048kg.
2018 Rca.
2018 S-Works SL6 Ultralight: 12.03lbs.

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by c60rider

MyM3Coupe wrote:
Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:45 pm
. . . it’s just that if you take a random sample of people on the forum you’d expect to find a much higher proportion of people on Shimano (having it a much higher market share..)
I was thinking the same thing. We have a huge cycling population in southeastern Virginia, and I've seen NO ONE on Campy but me.

I think the thing about this forum is that compared to the majority of the market this is pretty niche on here so you'll find people are buying very bespoke bikes in the main so there will be a huge mix of components. Walk into the average bike shop and you'll likely only see Shimano equipped bikes so that's what the majority will buy. Personally it's Campag all the way for me but that's because I've always used it and prefer the compatibility of components between bikes. Functionally there's probably little to choose between all the brands it's all down to personal taste.

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by nickf

English V3- red 22 mechanical rim brake

Cdale Evo hm- red 10 speed, rim brake

Trek crockett- red 10 speed, rim brake

Next bike will be mechanical red 22, mechanical disc, replacement for the Crockett.

The red mechanical 22 and 10 speed have proven to be bomb proof and have never let me down. All while being lightweight.

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by TheRich

Trek Boone: Ultegra Di2 hydro
Trek Stache (primary mtb): X1 (Saint brakes)
Pivot Mach 6: XTR(shifter)/XT mechanical (Saint brakes)

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by roseyscot

3xcampy 10
1xcampy 11

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by wheelbuilder

2016 etap on road bike, 10 spd Force on cross/commute bike, 10 speed XO on mtb.
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by FelixTheCat

9100 Dura Ace Di2

Always had Shimano and have enjoyed it, not wanting to spend good money experimenting when I know it works how I like it.

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by RocketRacing

Etap wifli
Ultegra 6780
Apex 1
Xtr 1x (just shifter/derailer)
Xtr 1x (shifter/derailer)

Happy with all the above.

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by icantaffordcycling

Shimano 7020 on my training/race bike
SRAM Omniums with da cogs on my track bike

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by Klaster_1

Rather poor poll choices IMHO, I chose Shimano mech, but all my setups are really mixed up:
1. XC bike: M9000, XShfiter, RF Next SL, XG1099, PYC chain, Formula brakes. Not sure if it's electrical or mechanical 😛
2. Road bike: R9100 levers/RD, XG1190, Zipp Vumaquad, PYC chain, Hope RX4.

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by Bogan

Red 22 on the Pinarello with Lightning cranks and G2 ee cycleworks calipers.

Ultegra 6870 with Rotor cranks on the TCR.

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by TonyMM

Currently on:

Campy SR EPS
2 x Dura Ace Di2
2 x XTR 11 speed
Claris 8 speed

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by PrimO

Shimano 6800 on my good bike.
Shimano 5800 (with hydraulic brakes) on my winter/wet weather bike.
Shimano XT on my MTB.
Shimano 3400 on my turbo bike.

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by andrey

Dure Ace 7970 Di2 10spd rim brake

46000km already done. Do not think of any exchange

by Weenie

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