Cervelo RCA or Custom Bike

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by tabl10s

uraqt wrote:
Fri Feb 15, 2019 2:31 am
"obvious when it's common knowledge that Cervelo contracted an American composites company to design a layup and build a version of their existing bike that was better than they could design or have built in Asia? "

That is not common knowledge, I am a cervelo fan boy and have read almost everything published and or "talked about" on all the cervelo R series bikes. I have never seen anything like that and Cervelo has posted here about the R5CA and the RCA the opposite of what you are saying...The R5CA and the RCA were both designed and built in CA to test and learn how to build the matching version R5.


Please provide your source.

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by tabl10s

Calnago wrote:
Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:39 am
My recollection of RCa development somewhat corroborates what Lejandt is saying, at least in principle. It was kind of like a “Skunkworks” effort that you’d read about as a case study in a university business class. Small group of people tasked solely with the development of some special frame in a locale far away from and without the distractions of all the daily rigors of regular life back in the cold hinterland of the Canadian wilderness. I remember reading about what sounded like practically working out of a garage at some guys house (not saying that’s what it was but that’s sort of how they made it sound). They were able to experiment with a whole bunch of different ideas quickly versus the usual process of slow methodical product development. So for sure special layups were tried out. And even the paint was special. The seat tube was slack to enable a zero offset seatpost (which saved a couple grams) but still positioned the rider where an offset seatpost would with a more normal seattube angle. So no, the molds were not shared either. I still never much cared for Cervelo’s geometry, but it was an interesting project to read about. Super light frame for its time and still is today I guess. But I still think you need to be a superlight rider to ride a superlight frame. And that’s not me I’m afraid.
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by Weenie

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by otoman

Get a new R5 with some super light tricked out wheels. Problem is the geometry has changed on the R5 since you bought yours, no idea how the two compare on feel.

I love my R5 too....
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by exctasy

Seedster wrote:
Sat Feb 16, 2019 3:54 am
In your case, it sounds like the RCA is the best option for you based on your affinity for the R5.
Yeah leaning towards it

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by wheelsONfire

Worst thing with "custom bikes" is second hand value. People tend to buy bikes from the perspective of what is welknown and spoken of.
I guess RCA has an imprint a custom made bike will never have.
I mailed Cervelo some time ago and asked why they quit making RCA. The response was that the new R5 has all implemented that they've learned from the RCA project.
However, i would never go for the new R5 vs an all new RCA model (pretending it was in existence).
R5, when all comes around, is just another version of a mass produced Asian frame.

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by shotgun

If you're looking something similar to your RCA, best to stay with Cervelo.

Go for custom if you're looking for something different or unique.
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