Why I'll never buy from a local bike shop again

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by tarmackev

wallstbear wrote:I hope this won't offend anyone, but to be a mechanic today you have to be so much smarter than before. I started building my own bikes back in the 90s (square tapered BBs etc.) and have built easily 50+ bikes myself with great results. But with the latest technologies I honestly feel a bit less capable myself and have resorted to shops on several occassions. The results were pretty similar to the OP's. The shop guy *f##k* things up frequently.
Agreed with this, even 4 years ago it was easy.
Now with all the integration and need to remove BB’s you need quality BB presses and extractors.
You need a good quality frame stand with lots of room.
On top of that feeding cables through the frame can be a nightmare, if one guide gets pulled out it can turn in to a monumental task, there’s always the risk of crossing cables in the frame that’s hard to tell until you get everything under tension and practically re-built.
It feels like the outgoing Supersix was the last bike it was truly easy to work on.
New bikes,fully internal with integrated bars are just incredibly time consuming.
As has been stated below it’s not worth the hassle. I’d rather a pay a shop.

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