sidi sizing vs giro or shimano

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by simoncx

I had good luck with my previous sidi's from years ago so I ended up ordering 2 pairs of wire air's in 45, its showing they should come tues or wed so hopefully they fit. While I really like my empires, lately anything over 2.5-3hrs the pain on top of my fifth metatarsal is pure torture.

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by Bigger Gear

Bigger Gear wrote:
Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:16 am
I'm 43.5 in Sidi and 43 in Shimano. Never worn Giro.
Just a bump and update here for extra data points. I've been a lifelong 43.5 in Sidi and when I've used any Shimano shoes I've been 43.0. I've used the R320 and R321 both in 43. I recently got a pair of the RC-901 in 43 and found them to be just a bit short. Holding them up against my Sidi Wire 43.5 or R321 43.0, they are definitely smaller. I exchanged for 43.5 and the foot lenth on the RC-901 43.5 is pretty much exactly the same as the R321 in 43.0.

by Weenie

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by bikeboy1tr

I find it baffling as to why cycling shoe companies keep changing up their shoe sizes. I normally purchase the Northwave and in the last 3 years alone they have changed the sizing twice on the higher end shoes. If they keep doing this I think Shimano might be my next shoe purchase. But of course Shimano is apparantly doing the same thing.
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by JayDee81

Need help with Giro sizing.

Want to buy Giro Factor Techlace. Tried them in size 43 and they are too big. The insole is cca 11 mm longer than my foot. Also tried Giro Savix size 42 and these are too small. My thumb was touching the front of the shoe immediately. Is the difference between sizes so big, or was it due to different model or sth?

For comparison I have Shimano XC5 and ME7 both in 42 and they fit spot on, but are on the tighter size (especially width wise), so I would go for 42.5 if I was buying Shimano.

What would really help is if somebody could measure an insole from these shoes, size 42 or 42.5.


PS: My longer foot is 260 mm.

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by lisu

Sidi Wire 43,5 (now I would rather go for 44) / Giro Empire 44 / Shimano RC 44

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