sidi sizing vs giro or shimano

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by otoman

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by simoncx

I had good luck with my previous sidi's from years ago so I ended up ordering 2 pairs of wire air's in 45, its showing they should come tues or wed so hopefully they fit. While I really like my empires, lately anything over 2.5-3hrs the pain on top of my fifth metatarsal is pure torture.

by Weenie

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by Bigger Gear

Bigger Gear wrote:
Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:16 am
I'm 43.5 in Sidi and 43 in Shimano. Never worn Giro.
Just a bump and update here for extra data points. I've been a lifelong 43.5 in Sidi and when I've used any Shimano shoes I've been 43.0. I've used the R320 and R321 both in 43. I recently got a pair of the RC-901 in 43 and found them to be just a bit short. Holding them up against my Sidi Wire 43.5 or R321 43.0, they are definitely smaller. I exchanged for 43.5 and the foot lenth on the RC-901 43.5 is pretty much exactly the same as the R321 in 43.0.

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by bikeboy1tr

I find it baffling as to why cycling shoe companies keep changing up their shoe sizes. I normally purchase the Northwave and in the last 3 years alone they have changed the sizing twice on the higher end shoes. If they keep doing this I think Shimano might be my next shoe purchase. But of course Shimano is apparantly doing the same thing.
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