sidi sizing vs giro or shimano

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by simoncx

It's been a while since my last sidi shoes, anyone know how the sizing runs vs shimano or giro. I'm a 45 in both shimano xc90 mtb and giro empire road shoes and was going to order sidi wires in 45, but some people say order half size bigger and some say there about the same? For reference both shimano and giro 45 are spot on for me in length and width.

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

Shimanos are pretty bog standard in terms of sizing.
Giro Empires are narrow in the forefoot, but the uppers are flexible enough conform around wider feet.
Sidis are narrow in the forefoot with an aggressive taper in the toebox AND they have low height/volume. That's why some people go a half-size larger. In reality, it would probably be best to just go with a shoe that fits better...

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by 1415chris

I have Empire slx and Wires, both in 47. There are no halfs in these sizes. But even if I had a choice to go 47.5 with Wires I wouldn't.

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by Juanmoretime

I wear a 45.5 in all three. Fit about the same.

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by ToffieBoi

Sidi Wire 45 and Shimano 45's before. I don't think you need to size up for Sidi.

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by euan

I have 42 Sidi Ergos and Giro Empires. The Empires feel a bit roomier to me.

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by scale29

I’m 47 Sidi Wire, 47 Shimano, 46.5 Giro and 46 S-Works. If that helps any?

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by simoncx

Thank you, I'll end up going the same as the others then. I would actually prefer a lower volume shoe since the shimano shoes I had to cut the straps because when I pulled them tight the straps were way long and the empires the laces have to go around my foot before tightening or too long also.

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by wheelsONfire

I have no Sidi, but 46 for Shimano and 46½ for Giro.
Shimano 46½- way larger than Giro (i use standard, NOT wide Shimano).

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by F45

I ride the Sidi Genius and Giro VR90 in 41.5. Feel the same.

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by DJT21

Wires have a bit more volume than Sidis of old, so you should be ok with the same size as your other shoes.

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by roseyscot

Giro 45
Shimano 45 is a touch big but hard to find 44.5
Sidi used to wear 45, but haven't owned sidi in 10 years

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

I'm 43.5 in Sidi and 43 in Shimano. Never worn Giro.

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by cunn1n9

I just bought SIDI Wire 2 Air’s. lovely shoe. They must have changed sizing as I am in a 44 in these and in Shimano 321’s (my old shoe) I had 44.5. The SIDI has more room across my forefoot which is great as I get a bit of pressure against the outside of my little toe in the shimano’s. I have only done 1 ride on the SIDI’s but really like them.

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by Weenie

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by wilwil

Giro empire 44, Lake CX332 44, Fizik RB1 43.5, Sidi Wire 44.5 with G8 insoles. Normal shoe size 43. The best fitting cycling shoes I've worn are the Lake. Never worn Shimano road shoes.

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