Cycling shoes. Does it work to 'cycle' them?

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by Hellgate

The shoes are CF and fake leather, they last pretty much forever. Even in humid Texas I get many years out of one pair of shoes. If they wear out I buy a new pair.

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by ichobi

If you want to lessen the wear of cycling shoes, I would suggest having a pair that fit you best and stock them up in different color instead of having multiple types due to stack height and fit difference between each make and model. Having different fit and stack height shoes annoy me to no end.

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by Weenie

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by mikemelbrooks

I have three pairs, I keep one pair for use on a turbo trainer, one pair currently has overshoes fitted that are slightly larger (so you can wear thicker winter socks). And one for general use.

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by bikeboy1tr

Okay I might have a cycling shoe fetish. I have 3 pair of road shoe, 2 pair of mtb, 2 pair of mtb winter and they are all Northwave except one Specialized mtb and a pair of Lake CX. Each pair were purchased onsale, the intention was not to rotate them but to have options as one pair is an aero shoe that works better in the colder weather and then I have the main road shoe that I use above 20 degrees C cause they breathe so well. I keep the one road pair that have trickled down (as they are older retired main pair) to staying in my vehicle in case I drive to a ride and realize I forgot my friggin shoes at home. The two winter Northwave one is like 8 years old and better in cold weather to -7 C for me and the Extreme winter I purchased turned out to be not so good below 0 C dammit. Keep those for above zero. Oh yeah I have a pair of Lake 401 that never really fit me well, think they will be donated or something.
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by dvq

AJS914 wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:31 pm
How many people ride for 8 hours? My S-Works shoes have nothing on them that soaks up water. You can ride in the rain and they will be dry soon afterwards.
Idk about you, but my S-works get soaked regularly and they take quite a while to dry up even on a shoe dryer.

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by Calnago

Stuff them with newspaper when they get soaked. Learned that from a guy I roomed with on a trip in the French Alps when it rained for days straight. I’d be putting on soggy wet cold shoes the next morning while his seemed pretty much dried out, till he showed me the way. The newspaper just sucks out the water overnight and also helps keep the shape. May not be completely dry but on a trip like that it was way better than still soaking wet the next day or dried out to a crisp if put on a heater of sorts.
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by asiantrick

Tell me about it, I'm a cycling shoes whore..smh


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