Hooked roval CL(X) 50 rims?

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by pedale

In the GP5000 TL thread some have reported that they some clx 50 are now having hook. Is that limited to only CLX or CL are also included? Other depths? Silent change or mistake at the factory? Of fake? Pardon me parajba, but that got me extremely excited as I'm waiting for a venge too :D


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by spdntrxi

my contact told me that all current road rims are HOOKED.. only a few MTB rims are hookless. I guess not the first time multiple review sites got it wrong.
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by Weenie

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by parajba

Definitely not fake. 50/64 are definitely hooked, other sizes don’t know really as I haven’t inspected them. My LBS is SigmaSports (great shop!).

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by andreas

CL and CLX shares the same rim (different spokes and hubs), so CL would be hooked as well.
I ordered my set of GP 5000 TL 25mm's for my incoming CL 50's yesterday, expecting they will measure close to 28mm on such a wide rim.

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by pedale

I know that cl share the same rim as the clx, but if it was a silent update from spesh, it would make sense for them to "finish" the sock on the second grade wheels and CL will be mounted on my venge pro. Very good news that they're hooked!

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