Third party 4 bolt road Shimano pattern chainrings ?

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by LouisN

I'm looking for third party 4 bolt Shimano road pattern chainrings.
Simple reason, for youth gearing limits, a parent would have to change the gearing once or twice (every 2 years), and the price of original Shimano Chainrings is prohibitive for a short investment.
So, any known brands ?
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Louis :)

by Weenie

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by 1llum4

FSA ABS ring works for the shimano asymmetric bolt pattern. Blackspire also make some compatible chainring in their superpro line. If you are looking for a 44 or 46 though that one is a lot harder to find.

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by 2lo8

1llum4 wrote:
Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:09 pm
FSA ABS ring works for the shimano asymmetric bolt pattern.
Are you sure about that? It looks pretty different to me.
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by NickJHP

BBB Elevengear chainrings are Shimano 4-arm 9000/6800/5800 compatible and available from 46t upwards:

XXCycle sell them: ... ng,,en.php.

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by Attermann

What chainset? 6800 and 8000 are different, have you looked at strong light?

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by Slammed

Easton makes a bunch of smaller chainring sizes and they use the shimano 4 bolt pattern.

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by ms6073

Absolute Black and Wick Werks who make a junior specific road chainring set.
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by alcatraz

What about just going 39t 1x and an appropriate cassette like 11-32t.

Are the wheels 700c?


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by RyanH

BOR also makes good chain rings.

by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

Miche and stronglight make these. Carbon Ti do too. Be aware the new R9100/R8000/R7000 outer ring are different to the older 4 bolt rings.

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