What Chain are you running for your Campy 10-speed group?

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by Catagory6

got a few bikes with campy 10
wondering if i should make the jump to 11-speed chain
looking to balance economy and performance
not wedded to the campagnolo brand for chain selection

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by Geoff

Campagnolo chains are still the best.

by Weenie

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by dereksmalls

Campag Chorus or KMC Dx10Sl work best for mine

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by TwiggyTN

I've run a lot of KMC and Campy chains over many years and while the KMC's we're fine the Campy chains were definitely better running.

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by octav

Campagnolo chains. I get maximum 4000kms from KMC/Shimano, Campy gets me almost 6000 on 11s and once hit 8000 on a 10s chain(and 60.000kms on the cassette).
KMC are ok, but if you can, get yourself a Campy chain.

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by bm0p700f

Well I manage 3000km at best from a campag chain before it gets to the wear limit

Kmc do 2000 km.

Chain life is very dependent on the rider. Spinning who maintain a straight chainline get longer life. The numbers posted by octav are not typical.

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by mike

campy record or kmc x-10 are the best. do not use shimano as it does not shift as well as the campy chains for a campy drivetrain.

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by bremerradkurier

Wippermann stainless chains have been great for me over the last three years.

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by BikeSwan

I had flawless shifting with the KMC X10SL Ti Nitride chain on Campag Record 10 speed. Check out the Omega build in my signature for blingy pics of the driveline :D
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by Catagory6

i think i could get 11s campy rec. chain cheaper than 10s campy rec. at this point.
and the 11s non-series even less expensive

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by MyM3Coupe

The Wipperman/Connex chains ran great on on my old Campy 10 group.

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by ParisCarbon

Always used Campag chains, never an issue... switched to a Di2 group for a few years, and went through more chains in 2 years on it then I went through on Campy drivetrain in 5 years... switched my Tarmac back to EPS but never got to ride it since winter set in...

by Weenie

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