Currently F8, but want to upgrade to disc brakes

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by AJS914

I'm only saying racing matters because only in racing does arriving at the bottom of a hill 10 seconds sooner really matter.

If you simply want a new bike and you want it with discs then cool. Enjoy.

The case of needing a new bike so you can go down hills faster though doesn't really hold water. We haven't seen this on the world tour level - I mean someone winning a race because they are on disc brakes and are faster down a decent.

If an F10 offers the same tire clearance and lack of comfort as the F8 then I guess that wouldn't be a great option.
lower pressure (96psi)
You might try running some lower pressures. I'm a big guy (195lbs) and I'm comfortably running 70/80 psi on 25mm GP4000s (measure 27mm) on 25mm wide rims (18mm internal). On 23mm GP4000s I ran 80/85psi without pinch flats.

by Weenie

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by nycebo

I've seen F8 Disc on sale for around 3k. Search around. But yes, if an F10, you will pay.

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