Spacers on custom bike?

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by 2lo8

You would almost need mixte levels of slope, straight line from head tube to dropouts for a positive stem to look right. You might want to try playing with the bikecad web app or rattle cad
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by Weenie

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by ToffieBoi

I had a chance to test SB/03 and what a great bike it was!

Anyways, I'm in the process of getting a custom frame too (Not Stelbel unfortunately), and just recently I changed the geometry from 155mm HT to 150mm.
I also was planning to slam the stem but I decided that, since I will keep that bike much much longer than anything else, I prefer having a bit of flexibility in the future, instead of slamming the stem now and regret later. So I guess, getting a little shorter HT will work better for you too.

About the angle of stem, TT slope is low enough so apart from 0 degree, anything will look good on it.

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by ericoschmitt

Mine has 20mm, and already lots of drop. But its there if I want to do some TT on it, I can add clip bars, put the stem below spacers, and still have my elbow at the same height and horizontal back, as the elbow pads always put you higher than without them, when compared to tt position with forearms directly on the handlebars, or hands in hoods and horizontal forearms.

So if I add clips I'm on the same torso position, just more comfortable for the arms and they are hidden inwards, so more aero. But that doesnt seem to be your concern.

Plus its lighter! Long steel headtube weights more than 2 acrylic spacers.

On the other hand I have a gravel bike(or drop bar 29er), also custom steel, it has little handlebar drop and long headtube, AND 10mm spacer above the stem. The logic is that, already being comfortable and relaxed, if I go for a long trip, many saddle hours per day, I might decide to raise the handlebar or even flip the stem to be very relaxed.

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