Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Size 47 for height 164cms

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by AllAboutFeel

I am getting a deal on a Dogma 65.1 frame in size 47. I am 164 cms with an inseam 81 cms. The nearby Pinarello dealer says 47 would be a good fit for me because of my 81 inseam. I am confused because the typical rider height for 47 is 168 cms+, as per online discussions and even the sizing charts. The dealer is very confident it will fit me. Should I go with the dealer recommendation ?

Please note: I am not buying the used frame from the dealer. I only took his suggestion on this purchase and he is affirmative.

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by AllAboutFeel

From what I understand, I have long legs so a shorter torso. Is that a good case for a size 47 frame ?

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My brother is 165cm body height, cant remember his inseam. But saddle height was 68cm from bb. He was riding 47 F8. Fits him well with 10cm stem (depending your comfortable position and upper torso length of course)

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by shimmeD

Height 164.5, inseam 78, seat height 67.
Seat height should not be absolute comparison as seat tube angle varies from bike to bike, this being the line most people use to measure seat height.
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by Greenduck

I’m 172 cm with an inseam of 76 cm. I ride a 65.1 in a size 53 with a 110 mm stem and handlebars with 88 mm reach. BB to top of the seat is 71 cm.

Wrong handlebar in this photo but the rest is the same. ... b7c6_k.jpg

To me a size 47 sounds small. But with a shorter torso it might be better with the smaller size.
Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=139324

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by GothicCastle

The 65.1 just looks so good. Such a great design.

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by AllAboutFeel

Thanks Guys. Actually the Size 47 was designed for Mark Cavendish for TDF. It has a 47cm seat tube but the top tube is as long as a 50cm bike and the head tube is longer than a 50cm bike. It supposedly gives a little more comfort geometry without making it slow. Here are the measurements: ... 21060.html

The reach and stack are both high on the 47.

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