Good rim brakes between Dura-Ace and EE

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by moyboy

I've owned all three.... this is correct below.
Js2 wrote:
Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:54 am
EE brakes are decent enough if you're looking for the weight savings.

Having used both R9100 and EE brakes, I would give the nod to R9100. The brake feel and power is just a notch above the EE's.
Also EE requires a bit more TLC setting up and cleaning (gets gritty from time to time).

Currently on DM Dura Ace which is even better than the Regular R9100. Hope this helps

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by RocketRacing

Yeah, ee brakes hard to justify beyond weight bragging and bling factor. Any gain from lower weight you would lose with aero with the ee’s.

I would argue for ultegra as they are minimally heavier than dura ace. But then i went for ee over ultegra or dura ace. But i got mine used at a great price, and in great condition... so my choice for ee was easy (i also weigh 60kg).

by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

No, EE isn't hard to justify beyond weight and bling. You should compare them to even more expensive brakes to.
EE is great when you run Etap for instance. Much better braking than the Sram brakes and the pull ratio is great with Sram.
If weight matters, i am 85Kgs....

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by RocketRacing

Price is relative. I guess they are cheap vs thm.

Ee is fine for 85kg also. I would argue rim choice and brake setup is a bigger factor than dura ace vs ee.

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