Std 2014 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0. Need Help to Start

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by Cascadian

Hello Weight Weenies,

I need help with suggestions in modifying a standard 2014 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0. (6.4kgs). I was thinking it would be relatively easy to replace the bar, stem, seatpost and saddle with some lighter components. Below are the specification as far as I know.

Groupset: DA9000
Bars and stem: Ritchey WCS
Saddle: Fizik Antares (mag rails)
Seatpost: Canyon 15-35mm offset.
Bottle cages: Elite plastic
Wheelset: Mavic R-SYS SLR
Tires: Michelin Power Competition.
Pedals: DA9000

Rider Weight: 90kgs

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0
Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0

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by petromyzon

Depends on the compromises you wish to make and how much money you have, it's already quite light with decent spec kit and at 90kg you don't want anything too sketchy.

I know you've asked specifically about weight but R-SYS wheels are notoriously poor aerodynamically. If you want to go lighter AND more aero you might need to look at tubulars.

Otherwise a Vittoria or Hutchinson tubeless setup with alloy valves and minimal sealant, or tubolito tubes/Veloflex will cut some weight.

If you changed your pedal system there are quite a few grams to be saved with Speedplay or Look.

Lose the horrific seatpack. Check that your choice of shoes, helmet and clothing is weight-competitive (often several hundred grams to be saved here).

Then consider a Berk uncovered saddle and Darimo bars and post - he will engineer them to your weight. Not sure on stem - not that many will fit a Canyon steerer.

After that you are getting in to big money stuff that tends to sacifice function or ease of maintenance. Think EE brakes and then THM chainset.

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by petromyzon

(Personally I think it's a lovely bike, I'd get better wheels, lose the seatpack and enjoy riding it)

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by Cascadian

@Petronyzon thanks for the advice and feedback. I just noticed how bad the seatpack is. It is really bad. lol

I didn't realise that manufacturers can make custom components to account for my extra wieght. That opens up alot more options.

I've reached out to Berk and he can do a white lupina padded.

First purchase in the project - Park tools DS-2 Digital scales.

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by robertbb

You won't find a lighter or stiffer stem for that steerer, than the Ritchey 4-axis. It's like 120 grams @ 100mm. You could consider upgrading the bolts if you feel like it. I'd also keep the Ritchey bars (Ritchey do alloy bars that are in the low 200's grams and are excellent).

I'd seriously recommend upgrading the seatpost. Those Canyon posts are bricks. Get a Ritchey WCS carbon 1-bolt post. The 2016 one shad the same graphics as your stem. They are super light and very, very comfy. Best post I've used.

It's your lucky day, our friends at StarBike have the below on sale, in 27.2 and with the same setback as your current setup (assuming that works for you) ... _BwE#41785

Add a set of Bora's (Red and White label) and that bike will zoom!

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by alcatraz

I'd change wheels, bar/stem/garmin mount, seat, inner tubes/or go tubeless. Possibly seatpost, depending on it's weight.

New bottle cage.

Then the bike would look nice and ride faster, save a couple of grams.

The wheels being the fastest moving parts on the bike can't be pure weenie unless it's specifically a climbing bike.

If you ever drop a little body weight you could adjust the fit. Longer stem and seat a bit forward. Free speed. It would also open up your hip angle and help you breathe.

Nice bike! It's a keeper.

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by dricked

Also look at cables/housing for some decent weight savings and maybe tick off a maintenance item at the same time.

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by athletic91

i also chance upon a similar deal locally.. is it possible to run di2 neatly on a mechinal cf slx frame? wonder if the shimano gourgets will fit

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by tomycs

The 2 changes I did to my Ultimate that meant the most to me: getting rid of that stupid 6mm Torx key wedge Acros headset system and the ZippSL-70 aero handlebar. None of these made the the bike any lighter though.

What made the bike lighter for me was wheels QR, bottle cages, pedals and maybe wheels (all items discussed extensively on ww, "best" is just a matter of budget; I say maybe for wheels as I no longer have a wheelset specific to the Canyon, it is lightest w. tubulars but now it gets whatever wheels fit season&location).

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