Saddle choices after Fabric?

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by feynman82

i have issues with numbness after 1-2 hours on the saddle (san macro aspide) but solved after changing to specialized elaston power saddles. Those are really comfortable. 155mm (fitted according to sit bone).

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by PLuKE

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Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:22 am
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Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:32 pm
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Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:19 am
If you ride in an aggressive position you might need to use a negative tilt angle for the saddle if you don't want your back to flex (our body tends to do that to alleviate pressure). So maybe try any of the popular saddle choices for aggressive position and play with saddle tilt until there is no pressure for the saddle drop you like to use. If you end up with a lot of tilt on the saddle you will be sliding forward which will effectively shorten your reach, that is why a long stem is a good choice for the racing position.

Or you can use the short tt saddles and keep a more neutral saddle tilt, but these require a different setup and I haven't tried them to give an opinion.
My current setup, I do have a 5mm under the stem now.

I find with the saddle to nose down it makes things worse, the saddle is level maybe a tad nose down and also adds weight onto my wrists which I don't want.

Yeah it's a compromise. If the saddle height is correct as you mentioned, try a shorter saddle like recommended or raise the handlebars until you feel no saddle pressure.
Saddle hieght and setback is correct, I run a 5mm spacer under the stem now.

I just find the saddle uncomfortable, mainly the numbness in my old chap! I like the look and feedback of the Power ARC, I tried years ago on a previous bike a SLR Superflow, that within 5mins was digging into my sit bones, there the cutout was.


by Weenie

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by zefs

The cutout on the SLR Superflow is big, maybe that's why it was giving you issues. Let us know if things improve with another saddle.

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by kafreeman

timmerrr wrote:I just switched from an arione open to a prologo dimension nack. I didn't have issues outside with the arione but this winter while trying to put serious time in on the trainer I had some pretty bad numbness. No problems with the nack with a few 2+ hour trainer rides now.
I get the same so I ordered one from amazon. Looks like I got a fraud return. Felt branded Selle Royal showed up attached to the prologo packaging. Trying again Friday, will report back on results.

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by wheelsONfire

Perhaps you should take a look at Selle Italia SP-01 Boost carbonio?
S3 model true weight is 164g
The 316Ti rail version, also S3 size is 194g (true weight).

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by kafreeman

Got a short ride on the Dimension today and it seems good. Tried a prologo nago pas and it was ok but got some pressure and rubbing in the perineum in the drops.

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by kgt

Have you tried an SMP?

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by thorerik

Im very happy with berk lupina. Nice flex and channel, you should check it out.

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by PLuKE

Thanks for your input.

I will take a look st those, and speak with my LBS and see what test saddles they have also, as they can source saddles for you.



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by PrimO

I'm also using Prologo Dimesion 143 on all three of my bikes. I previously used a Prologo kappa Space/PAS and while i found them comfortable initially after a few years i found myself getting numb down below more often.

After many hours researching saddles i decided to give the Dimension a go and found it instantly comfortable. It has quite a bit less padding than the Kappa and is flat in profile compared to a more rounded profile of the kappa but it suited me and i can now do 3hr+ rides with zero numbness.

As its shorter than the Kappa or standard saddles, i fitted it 35mm closer to the stem/steerer to compensate. Once i knew i was happy with it on the first bike, i bought two more for my other bikes. I went for the Tirox railed version as i had read that the nack carbon rail version was noticeable stiffer.

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