Opinion: 2007 SystemSix vs CAAD12

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2007 SystemSix vs CAAD12

Keep the 2007 SystemSix forever
Get the 2019 CAAD12
Warranty at a future date for something better yet!
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by bjkfly

Got an opportunity to warranty my old MADE IN USA 06/07 era SystemSix High Mod for a brand new CAAD12. I'm the original owner and absolutely love the bike, but thinking it may be time for an upgrade. I know there was and maybe still is a cult following for that era Cannondale SystemSix, but whats everyones opinion on the trade? Worth it? Keep it longer until something new comes up? Anyone ride both and can compare? I'm a dedicated roadie that might do a few crits a year otherwise its typical road rides/races on rough country roads for me.

Thanks in advace!

Attached a few pics of my current build...right at 6.84kg with tubies.

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by nvroadie

While your System6 is a great bike, the Caad 12 is the 2nd best bike I’ve ever ridden. It comes second only to the Trek Emonda that I got for this season. I have owned multiple older Cannondale SuperSix Evos and a Cervelo S5. The Caad 12 is a clear option in my opinion.

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by bjkfly

Thanks for the input nvroadie!

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by ChiZ01

i am in love with that stem, i would get the CAAD12 just for the 28mm tire clearance

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by themidge

The system six is way more epic than the Caad12. No amount of bling can ever make a caad12 as exciting as a system six.

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by spud

I have a System Six and think it's a great bike, Assuming your BB is not getting worn out (mine has trouble holding the bearings properly, so when it gets warm, the bike creaks), the one big issue is lack of room for larget tires (generous 25s).

If you don't care about taking the bike onto gravel or busted up roads, and don't have a BB problem, it's all about what makes you happy. I'm sure the CAAD 12 is a nice bike.

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by bjkfly

I've got an awesome racey endurance bike thats my main ride for rough roads and gravels, so the SystemSix or CAAD12 would mainly be for shorter fast group rides and races. Wish I had a way locally to try one out for some miles, will have to see what I can do this spring to rent one somehwere possibly. Right now I'm still 50/50 on the decision!~ Winter blues and not much else to think about besides warm summer riding days...

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by Matt28NJ

If you have to warranty your old bike, sounds like it's requiring repair. Why would you have the option of keeping it?

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by bjkfly

I don't have to, I don't think its a structural warranty, just cosmetic blemish with the finish. Hence the ability to keep it, told me they will warranty it any time in the future, but this is the deal now. Was hoping for an EVO but CAAD12 is all they offered or a 10% discount :/ Wish they would have let me pay the differce for an EVO but its either that or 10%off which is laughable.

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