does a BB30 crankset (SRAM Rival 1) fit into BB86 bottom bracket?

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by zendoflex

I read a lot about it but i still can't figure it out. A BB30 crankset would save me a lot of weight and on ebay there are some used ones quite cheap so it would also save me money. But I still don't know if it might not be long enough because of the 86mm of my bottom bracket... need help please :-/

Does anyone has a Rival 1 Crankset and knows if there are any spacer if used in BB30 bottom brackets? or can someone measure the axle length?

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by Hexsense

Subbed, it's a grey area.

As far as i know:
Only Sram BB30 that its spindle is not long enough to fit BB86 are Sram Red BB30 And Quarq BB30 (Alloy crank arm) power meter.
Then: Sram Force BB30, Sram Red BB386, Sram Red Quarq Power meter (essentially the Red BB386 crank fit with Quarq Spider), Quarq BB30 (Carbon crank arm) power meter all have long spindle and should actually labelled as BB386.

I wonder if Quarq BB30 alloy arm is using Rival rebadge?
If it is the case then Sram Rival BB30 may also doesn't fit?
Or Quarq BB30 alloy arm and Rival aren't the same thing?

by Weenie

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by euan

You could, but you probably wouldn't want to

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by petromyzon

Won't you also need to use sub-optimal (i.e. smaller) bearings?
Seems like a compromise too far, as if money is an issue you would need to budget for more frequent replacement of harder to source bearings......

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by nickf

BB30 spindle is to short. BB30 is for a 68mm wide BB shell. BB86 is a 86.5mm shell.

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