2019 Venge: CLX50 or CLX64?

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by cerro

LeDuke wrote:
Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:46 pm
parajba wrote:I’ve settled on the 50s, thanks all for the valuable contributions. This is what makes this community so cool.

The LBS told me that the plugs that come with the CLX50 are rubbish and that the tape they come with is better.

But I am sure there is perhaps something even better than their tape.

What’s the consensus...what’s the best thing to buy? Tape, strip, plugs...I am new to tubeless.
Why are you sure there is something better than their tape if you are new to tubeless?

In my ten plus years of running tubeless on MTBs, tape has come away the clear victor. Plugs and rim strips don’t seal well, or weigh/cost too much, respectively.

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Plugs on mtb seems fine but the ones with Roval CLX's can work but not as sure as the tape on the latest ones. I got too tired on the plugs for my CLX32 so always using tape now and works perfekt. Set a pair of CL50 up tubeless yesterday with the already mounted Roval tubeless tape, worked easy too :)
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