Tarmac Pro Di2 cable options

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by Yeti

Please excuse this dumb question, if it is, but I would like to clean up the cabling on the Tarmac Pro disc. Would installing a different handlebar help, ie Pro Vibe carbon aero, Specialized Aerofly, etc.

Thanks for you help, bike arrives in a couple of weeks : )

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by ParisCarbon

Aeroflys will route everything internal to the bar and out the back side... if you're gonna do something, Id do it before the bike is built otherwise you might be in need of new cable housing for the disc brakes since the length required may change slightly pending the routing... dunno how these bikes come these days as I usually get framesets, but the brakes may be installed from the factory and setup minus the fluid already?

by Weenie

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by Cdavies102

Subscribed - also something i'm thinking about for an upcoming SL6 build.

I'm thinking you can't do any more with the hydraulic brake hoses, but definitely internal Di2 cable routing with a Bar-end junction should be possible with a different stem/bar (something like the Di2 compatible PRO Bars/stem which should tidy things up a little.

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by jencvo

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Carbon- ... 13080b2522

I bought this one for my hydraulic Di2 build, inspired by SW Tarmac cockpit. The way I connected mine was using 700mm wire to go shifter to shifter, using the small holes to run the cable under the bartape and internally to the other side. I used 350mm to go junction box A to the right shifter, again everything through the holes and under the bartape. Then I used 1200mm wire to go junction A to D fly unit that's just above junction box B (and 150mm to box B from D fly). I ran the hydraulic hose under the bartape and put both the brake hose and the Di2 cable into a heatshink tube. Can't remember the size but I took both to a local electric store and ran both through to find a fit that didn't actually need any heat. Just make sure you run the Di2 cable through first, then the hose. And importantly, have it all measured and cut before you connect the hose to the shifter. I didn't take the photos as I was going but this is the end product.

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