Headset - Is this acceptable on a brand new bike?

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So, I've had this 2019 Specialized Tarmac Pro Disc for about a month. I noticed the gap between the top of the head tube and the bearing cover within a day or two and it had bothered me ever since. I thought maybe the bearing just wasn't seated correctly so I pulled it apart and it just looks like poor tolerances when it was made.

The gap between the top of the bearing and the top of the head tube is between 1.95-2.15mm all the way around except on the left side where its 2.77mm.

So my question is should I just stop nitpicking and ride the thing or should I genuinely be bothered that my $6700 bike doesn't have seamless lines.

(I've also got a carbon crux and its perfectly flush on that bike)

by Weenie

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by fa63

That would bother me to no end... Maybe talk to your LBS and see what they can do for you?

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by VTR1000SP2

I’d take that back

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by icantaffordcycling

That would drive me insane, im sure specialized will work something out with you.

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by spdntrxi

how does that pass QC ?

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by Greenduck

That does not look right to me. The top of the headtube is supposed to be flat unless it's been designed to use a specific bearing cover which the Tarmac Pro is not.

I would definitely take that back. This would not be a problem if it's isolated to the gap. I'm running a bearing cover which has 2 mm of gap. Obviously there's a bigger chance of water and dirt getting into the bearing which can cause premature wear. But it's not acceptable on a brand new bike. You have paid a lot of money so you should expect nothing but perfect.

Otherwise congrats with your new bike :beerchug:
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by Orlok

I saw frames made in China that looks better finished then this one of Specialized. For the price you payed I'll not accept this. :unbelievable:
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by miltmaster3

Typical spec quality control ask for replacement but you have to wait........

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by kgt


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by Zakalwe

Take that straight back

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by none

Hope this is an anomaly, see how Specialize answer once notify of the problem.

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by mcfarton

That would bother me to no end. I would want a new one or my money back.

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by romanmoser

Why am I not suprised :unbelievable:

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by Noctiluxx

Take it back and ask for an S-Works version replacement for your pain and suffering :lol:
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by Mr.Gib

That is simply a mis-formed head tube. Totallly unacceptable and, while ulikely, a potential safety issue in the long term. An out-and-out defective frame. I could not imagine that Specialized would not replace that immediately. Take it back ASAP.
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