Ti spindles

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by ryanw

My Dulights are 143g with Ti spindles and bow ties.
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by Weenie

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by 2lo8

My J&L's Ti spindles have been fine, but I can't speak for all of them.

J&L can be really hit or miss. Consistency is not good, things aren't always machined to spec or have some serious quality issues. I've bought "identical" products from them where one is great and the other was clearly machined wrong, which seems curious for CNC stuff. If you get a dud, good luck. Customer service is going to be accusations of user error, an offer for a partial refund for your unsuable product, followed by them offering to pay just enough for return shipping for a shipping service that looks like it has tracking, but stops tracking in China, followed by them pretending to have not received the return, and then filing a paypal claim to get their shipping fee back, so they end up pocketing your money and you paid out of pocket to give them their stuff back and you get shafted with nothing to show for it. Even though you'll usually get something decent most of the time, I don't really consider them a reputable seller any more.

The other Ti spindles with the wrench flats are actually bad though, and I did have some duds with those. I bought two sets and they weren't even the same length.
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by PokojniToza

The Dulights came completely within specs, and I installed them with zero issues. Hopefully they are consistent.

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by dereksmalls

Tispindles.com are the best but they don't list them on their site. You have to email them to get them

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