De Rosa sizing please

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by gmehje

Would hugely appreciate some expert advice. Going crazy looking at charts:

Thinking of upgrading from a 2013 Cube Litening 53 to a 2018 De Rosa Pinifarina.
Charts here - would if fit? Looks like there is a top tube (effective) difference - 515mm Cube vs 541mm DeRosa - 26mm. ... 20litening

Any help greatly appreciated!

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If 53 on older Cube, my Litening super HPC had top tube effective 530mm. Best to measure your actual ett. I cant measure mine as its sold. But for what its worth.. currently riding De Rosa and other brands within 525-540mm ett and fits me just the same more or less.

Edit: added Litening Super HPC geometry chart.
Cube Litening Super HPC Race geometry.png

by Weenie

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by GothicCastle

Probably a 50 is the closest fit. But DeRosa geometry is quite long and low. The DeRosa has ~2cm less stack than that Cube in an equivalent size.

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by 2lo8

Your links are broken, but ETT only works if you normalize seat tube angle.
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by fabriciom

Top tube is long and this bike looks ugly if you dont get a small size.

by Weenie

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by counterpuncheur

I have the older superking (the 888), and they are long/low bikes - but the cube also looks relatively aggressive. The 50m superking has the same reach as your 53cm CUBE, but is 1.5cm lower. The 52cm is about the same height as your cube, but is 0.5cm longer. In general the geometry is pretty similar tbh - similar tube angles and wheelbase as well as stack and reach for the 52cm de rosa vs the 53cm cube.

Either one can likely be fixed with the right stem/spacer/bar combo, as long as you weren't using extreme sizes with the old one. But without the knowledge of your old front end setup it's hard to say which (if any) will work better. Also, hopefully you have some margin for adjustment with the seat post height and saddle setback

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