Confused about my Cervelo S2

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by Kumppa

Cheap price and problem with decals and serial number. What could go wrong... Who knows if that was even real Cervelo. Don't believe sellers and if something is wrong there must always be a reason for it. Or just never buy any second hand carbon from Ebay.

by Weenie

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by mattr

Name and shame the seller?
You might actually have some come back against the seller, as not disclosing the fact that it's been snapped and glued back together might be bad enough for ebay to get involved.

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by spud

if it looks too good to be true...I've bought second hand on ebay and had no problems. But you need to be selective.

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by tarmackev

I’ve bought over 30 bikes and frames on eBay since 1999 when I’d buy with no photo and have to go and collect based on description, how times change. Not every bike has been perfect but I’ve made quite a bit of money over the years so it’s not all bad.
This one was a nightmare really.
I always buy bling bikes in winter, either retro or new.
In summer I buy winter bikes, I’ve had some amazing deals but this is maybe enough to stop me buying.

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