Shimano Drive Train Mix n Match

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by WorkonSunday

Hi all,

I know 11 speed drive trains are more or less trouble-free when doing mix n match, but im curious if i can mix the lower tier groupset. the one i have in mind is based on a triple set up. Everything is Sora R3000 (Triple) but swap the crank for Tiagra 4700 Triple 50/39/30.

The gear ratio are exactly the same as full Sora set up, but just abit lighter by going Tiagra crank. Shimano's own compatibility chart does not show this combination, but my gut feeling is that is just because their table layout does not allow it. The only thing i can think of being abit different is the chain link size (being 9 speed vs 10 speed). Any one tried this combo ? thanks :mrgreen:
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by mattr

Think the chainring spacings or spider thicknesses are slightliy different 9 to 10. Fractions of a mm though.

Saying that, all it means in reality is that instead of having rubbing in 2 gears at each extreme, you have rubbing in 3........ i've run 10 speed triple (MTB though) on other wise 9 (or 8 ) speed set ups with no issues other than as above. Which are only gears i use when testing indexing on a workstand!

Hopefully someone who has done the same change as you (or has the parts to hand) will be able to confirm.

by Weenie

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