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by gello

So I have a nearly 5000 EUR budget to buy a new bike, but to be honest I'm really struggling to make my choice. Typically I'm not someone to spend such an amount on a bike (at least at once) but now i'm in this situation where my insurance company would cover my purchase until 5k.
The first thing i did was to collect my main desires:
1. I plan for long time with this bike, so I want something which would stand the test of time. Both from value and functionality perspective.
2. Disc brakes - I never had a disc bike but I think that's the future of roadbikes, this transition is just happening and I would make a mistake not going for it (considering point #1)
3. Electronic shifting - My previous bike had an Ultegra Di2. I tell you it is really east to get used to. So if I have the chance then I want to have this again.
4. Low weight - I know aero gets more and more focus nowadays and it's not the low weight that win races. But I'm an amateur, and even though i do 1-2 grandfondo races a year, basically my other activities are more around going after my uphill PR-s :oops: and for this, a lower weight might be more important

In the past months I checked quite a lot of bikes which I had some sort of access to, but didn't find the best one yet. I will list these here, and I would like to ask your opinions, maybe you can convince me for or against any of these, or suggest me a new one which I haven't considered yet.

Rose X-lite Six Disc Ultegra Di2 - 4100 EUR
Right now this is the one to beat. Weight is around 7.2, low price means I can even upgrade it with DT Swiss ARC 1100 wheels.
- reputation: not a well known brand, probably won't represent too much value after a while
- lack of reviews: i found only a couple of reviews and I couldn't find a larger community online to ask some personal experiences
- design: it doesn't look bad, but nothing special, not an eye-catcher

2019 Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod - ~6000(?) EUR
There is a Disc + Ultegra Di2 version but it is available only on the international site and not the European version. I found it in some online stores, but they are very limited on stock, typically they don't have it in my size (56). I really love this bike, and the classic look of it, but simply I just couldn't find a dealer here in Hungary who would be able to quote a price for this model.

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX DISC 8.0 DI2 - N/A
It was the biggest shock for me, when finally Canyon started to release the 2019 Ultimate line and they didn't come out with a disc+ultegra di2 version. They had it in each previous years, but those stocks are already out. And they don't have it any more. 9.0 is already too expensive for me. SL is the heavier version. I also checked Aeroad and Endurance, but those are also pretty heavy for the price. So this is really disappointing.

Trek Madone SLR 6 - ~6000 EUR
How good a bike has to look to cancel the basic requirements? Well, the new Madone is close to this. I just love how it looks, for me this is the etalon bike now. But even the SLR 6, which is packed with mechanical shifting is too expensive. And it is also quite heavy as it comes around 8kg.

Trek Emonda SLR 7 - ~6000 EUR
It doesn't look nearly as good as the Madone but it's the lightest disc frame nowadays. SLR 7 is with Ultegra Di2 and comes around 7.1, but the price is still a bit too high. Should I go down to SLR6 and forget electronic shifting?

BMC Teammachince SLR01 Disc Three - ~7000 EUR
Another really clean and good looking bike, but way too expensive for me :(

Focus Izalco Max Disc 9.7 - ~6000 EUR
Focus seemed to be a good option based on their previous year models, but they came out with a completely new line in 2019. They used to have one of the lowest weighted frames, but the redesign version comes in 1250g with forks, which is higher than the competition. And even they dropped the classic look and stepped into the aero path. So the price is higher what I have and the weight is also.

There were some other models too I checked but these are the ones which I made some notes of, or I remembered now.
I'm really open to any type of opinions.

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by robeambro

Point 1 is pure utopia. The moment you walk out of the bike shop, a good chunk of the bike value is already gone. If you sell in 2/3 years you'll probably make less than 1.5-2k (could be less, but I doubt it could be more).. So I wouldn't worry whether I would make a couple hundred euros more or less in my purchase decision.

That said, a few notes:

- The Izalco is quite more aggressive than the other bikes listed (low stack and -15deg stem), but if it fits you, it has integrated cables, electronic shifting, and is aero-optimised. In comparison, the Emonda is as aero as a brick, has no cable integration, no electronic shifting, and is possibly only 3-400 grams lighter..

- The BMC seems a bit too expensive for me. But it has cable integration, some aero concepts, and electronic shifting..

- The Madone is an eye-catcher, and supposedly comfortable. But with the SLR6 you get only mechanical Ultegra and cheap-ass wheels (they're alloy coated with carbon). Also, you might found it somewhat more tricky to resell it. Firstly, unless you have very common features (standard seatpost, standard handlebar, standard stem), potential buyers may need a different cockpit and seatpost, and those do not come cheap (and may even become obsolete when the new model is launched), so this may discourage people from buying your bike. And secondly, but this is pure speculation, the bike looks very hot today, but it may look very weird tomorrow.. It's hardly a classic-looking frame.

- The Rose is surely the best bang for the buck, but it depends on how much you value looks. It surely won't turn heads as much as a Madone, but would have far superior components..

To be honest, if you look critically at the scientific data, a regular frame like the Rose, once equipped with aero handlebars and deep wheels will perform aerodinamically nearly as well as the Madone (if you haven't, please read the topics related to the Tour Magazine tests for 2018 and 2019), and you get the added bonus of the weight saving.

I have similar problems and budget, and I think I'll go for the Cervelo R5. I could get the Madone, but I thought I would look a bit silly with my very few watts in aero frames and deep wheels.. And in club rides nobody seems to be sporting flashy equipment anyways, so I'd look double-silly. But this may not at all apply to you, maybe you ride with plenty of dentists..

I don't like how the Rose looks cause I'd need to get their Endurance frame, otherwise I'd surely get that, upgrade it with wheels and aero bars, and be done..
EDIT: Aaargh you made me realise that the X-Lite 57 would be a good fit for me. Honestly dude, you can get their new Rose Fifty wheels which seem light and aero, upgrade to an aero-ish handlebar for free, all for 4.5k. Not sure if you can call them and ask to throw a PM in to get to 5k, or whatever, but that would be a sick machine. If I can't get my R5 with a huge discount, I may look at the Rose again..

by Weenie

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by hannawald

It is winter time so look for some bargain..forget the idea of something retaining value, there is not such a thing with bikes..

From your choice, Rose is not touching me at all as a brand, Ultimate and Supersix are probably due to update soon, Emonda is totally unaero, Madone too hard choice:)
Cervelo R5 would be nice, maybe you can find a deal on Scott Foil, Venge Pro (same frame as S Works), De Rosa SK..

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I cant say much other than if you were planning for long time bike, IMO steer clear of carbon frames... they will get boring or replaced soon enough with newer latest models then price drop the moment you take delivery. After few carbon bikes over the years, im sticking to titanium and steel. By the looks of it, you are somewhat aiming for lightish and stylish frame, then you have more options from titanium frames, personally i like steel frames but then generally they are more vintage looking and heavier.

Either way you choose, 5K is more than decent amount of budget to get somewhat ultimate bike for you. Then again, parts hunting will surely afford you better components which you may or may not upgrade soon enough such as wheels and whatnot. But frames is where i would be browsing... please see what type of riding style you are going for, as i read theres emonda then madone in the same list, but looks like you are going for superbikes but cant quite make up which it is for. Best perhaps pick up a secondhand to maximize your budget, and satisfy your curiosity then decide later on which to ultimately pick up in the future.

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by hannawald

2nd hand may be the way to go because of value..wiggle has 54 De Rosa SK frameset for 2000 GBP, which may be very nice starting point..the rest you can buy 2nd hand and you have a room for it.

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by dim

Giant TCR ADVANCED SL 1 DISC .... with di2
Trek Emonda SL6
Miyata One Thousand

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by gello

I might have formulated my 1st point wrongly: Of course I didn't think that any new bike would keep its purchase value after 5-10 years. I rather wanted to say that it should have ANY value after 5-10 years. Exatly something that @robeambro has pointed out with the Madone. These are very valid thoughts I didn't even think of. Madone looks very extravagant now, but later it might be awkward which noone wants to buy.

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by gello

robeambro wrote:
Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:11 pm
...Not sure if you can call them and ask to throw a PM in to get to 5k, or whatever, but that would be a sick machine...
If you go for the Dura Ace option then you can add a Dura Ace PM too in the settings. But I didn't read too good things about that.

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by wheelsONfire

It seems direct sales would offer more for money. Well, some machines might be on sale so perhaps it levels out!?
Rose, Canyon and Ax Lightness (Benobikes) are direct sales.

Ax Lightness Vial EVO Race (2018.12.21)
Paduano Racing Fidia (kind of shelved)
Open *UP* (2016.04.14)

Ex bike; Vial EVO D

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by robeambro

gello wrote:
Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:31 pm
robeambro wrote:
Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:11 pm
...Not sure if you can call them and ask to throw a PM in to get to 5k, or whatever, but that would be a sick machine...
If you go for the Dura Ace option then you can add a Dura Ace PM too in the settings. But I didn't read too good things about that.
You didn't read too good things about Rose, or?

Anyway, to answer your clarification about the resale value in 5 years from now.. What you know for sure is what you need today, and what is good/valuable today. Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future.
Sure, there's a good chance that discs and electronic shifters will take center stage, but who knows, maybe aero will be king and nobody will look at classic bikes if not from heritage brands, maybe the UCI drops the weight limit and everybody will want to buy superlight bikes again (not that this makes any sense, but this is how the market works..). Maybe disc brake standards will change again and current wheel hubs will be obsolete. Maybe Rose will sponsor an UCI team and gain popularity. Maybe everyone will have 12/13/14s groupsets and current 11s will plummet in value .. Can you or anybody guess? :noidea:

Further, you correctly pointed that the Madone may look weird, but this is not all. Imagine we're in 2024, and you're selling me your Izalco/Madone with integrated cockpits and seatposts.. I would need a different size stem, or maybe zero offset seatpost, or maybe a narrower handlebar.. I go online, and quickly realise that these have become hard to find since Trek/Focus have stopped producing them after launching their new models.. I would think twice before buying your bike.

All this blah blah to say that despite what others may tell you, there is absolutely zero way of knowing whether in some years you'd be able to sell better (ie easier or for more money) a Madone with Ultegra mech or an X-Lite with Di2 (to name a couple among your list, but this applies to all). For all these reasons, I would genuinely advise you not take future resale into account when choosing.

So figure out what matters more for you:
- having a cool bike (subjective) that is the currently state of the art in bike engineering, and it makes you fall in love and want to ride everyday: get the Madone.
- having a more classic bike with nicer components and electronic shifting that will possibly be an inch faster for your climbs and GF's: get the X-Lite/Ultimate.

There's nothing wrong with either approach..

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by Alex222

My vote is for the Rose, but then i do have the rim Dura Ace Di2 version on order. For me the value is excellent, I really like the look of it and the ability to customise. I've seen a fair few comments and reviews online, but obviously you'll see for more for the bigger brands.
I'd have loved an S Works Tarmac but couldn't justify the price.

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by diogovelosa

Cube Litening C68 SL - Team Wanty color....

Full Dura-Ace, Ritchey WCS components, around 4500€
I have one.. weights 6.9 (with decathlon pedals and fulcrum racing zero!) :)

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by LiquidCooled

Of the choices you listed, the Rose.

I’d take a Giant TCR SL Disc, if all bikes were on the table.
2017 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc
2003 Cannondale R1000 (CAAD7)

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by IchDien

I don't know what size you are but there's plenty of bikes in the outlet section on canyon with di2 and disc can even get red etap and DT swiss wheels for €5500...

Aside from that surely you can build up a frame from canyon with di2 and very very nice disc wheels for <€5000. I don't know what's happened to the Canyon sponsorship page but usually you can pick up a frame for much less than retail and older di2 is super discounted at the moment; eTap 11 hydro will only be getting cheaper too.

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by mortirolo

Tavalyi modellek fél áron, pl. egy Time a Merlin-ben....
Vagy triatlonos bolhapiac a facebook-on.

Last year (or older) modells for half price.
Marco Pantani - Momenti Di Gloria

by Weenie

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