2019 Plans or Resolutions

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

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by dgasmd

dgasmd wrote:I am not one to make new year's resolutions, but this coming year sees me with some serious plans ahead.

1. Updating my LOOK 595 Ultra. New seat, seat mast parts, Super Record 11, stem/cap/expander.
2. Retül fitting. Way overdo for a serious fitting.
3. Hired a coach and will start a program.
4. New cycling computer. I haven't used one in a year+, and the Garmin 705 I got when it first hit the market needs to permanently die!
5. Serious weight loss that has creeped in due to amany reasons over the last 18-24 months.
6. I turn 49 in August 2019. I have some seriously challenging rides scheduled for my 50th year. Hence the coach and weight lost before I even get to August.
7. More importantly, I want toget more consistant with meditation and letting go of things I cannot change while becoming the hero in my own story!!

Anyone else??
Looking through old
Threads, I ran into this one from Jan and was curious as to where everyone that had plans are in term of their own personal Agenda/journey.

1. Updated some minor things including the fit, but will Leave the drivetrain alone and has become My dedicated trainer bike. Bought a Look 785 Huez RS instead
2. Did the fitting. Was surprised of so little bike changes. Changes in my shoe cleats were another story.
3. This has been a journey. Almost switched coaches at one point. Has worked out well since! Improving considerably!!
4. Bought a Garmin 1030. Frankly, I should have bought the smallest that recorded all the numbers as I hardly even look at it
5. Have lost 30 lb since Jan and another 15 to go before mid August. Also went from vegetarian to full vegan a month ago. Best thing I’ve done!!!
6. Schedule made and on track
7. Work in progress!!

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by TonyM

TonyM wrote:This year I will have ZERO resolution. Let‘s see the difference...

On track....lol...
(and enjoy biking ImageImage)

by Weenie

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by tymon_tm

I had one "resolution" in my head - to have a less serious approach to cycling and just appreciate every ride. so far I manage just OK - I stopped writing down daily distances, and I hardly ever check how much kms I've done during a ride (I got rid of a bike computer circa more than 15 years ago 8)). I also planned to start eating healthier, but I'm just a sucker for a home made neapolitana (esp when it gets really hot) and my wife tells me our kitchen slowly turns into a pizza joint... :oops:
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