2019 Plans or Resolutions

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by dgasmd

I am not one to make new year's resolutions, but this coming year sees me with some serious plans ahead.

1. Updating my LOOK 595 Ultra. New seat, seat mast parts, Super Record 11, stem/cap/expander.
2. Retül fitting. Way overdo for a serious fitting.
3. Hired a coach and will start a program.
4. New cycling computer. I haven't used one in a year+, and the Garmin 705 I got when it first hit the market needs to permanently die!
5. Serious weight loss that has creeped in due to amany reasons over the last 18-24 months.
6. I turn 49 in August 2019. I have some seriously challenging rides scheduled for my 50th year. Hence the coach and weight lost before I even get to August.
7. More importantly, I want toget more consistant with meditation and letting go of things I cannot change while becoming the hero in my own story!!

Anyone else??

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by wheelsONfire

Haha.... great! I hope you can keep up with your own expectations :-D

I would put my list as wishes(for myself to achieve) instead commandments.

1. Use the trainer inspite that it's not really funny.
2. Stop making excuses all the time, for buying only cycling related stuff.
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by Weenie

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by ParisCarbon

1) Super Record EPS 12 on the SL6
2) Super Record EPS 12 on the Venge
3) Go Ride in Italy
4) Maui of course
5) Try not to hate my job so much... it does pay for carbon :)

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by XCProMD

Not actually a resolution but 2019 will be the first after nearly 25 on which I will not buy any gear from Shimano.

Controversial as it may sound, it’s just that I’m tapering down in number of bikes and the ones with Shimano are those that barely get any use. When it comes to MTB I just won’t invest on a different freehub standard.

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by Hexsense

1.) Be happy with my bike and don't upgrading anything unneccessery.
2.) Increase my FTP by 30 watts (currently it's still low. Like cat 4-5 level. So 30 watts is very significant but not unrealistic).
3.) With above, gain no more than 2kg of weight -- meaning i might have to replace some fat for more leg and core muscle.
4.) Bunny hop reliably.
5.) Riding rollers with no hand.
6.) Getting more flexible, touch the ground with full palm from standing. (currently only 3 fingers per hand are touching ground)
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by Imaking20


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by Kazyole

1. Lighter wheelset. Want my built sub 6kg including pedals, cages, wahoo, and wahoo mount. Right now sitting at 6098g and I'm running Zipp 303 NSWs at 1477g for the pair so should be relatively simple. Debating Roval CLX 32s or maybe Schmolke TLO 45s, but have heard mixed things about Schmolke's QC.

2. Sub 1 hr up Alpe d'Huez. Did it in 1:10 a few years ago when I went to France, but it was a spur of the moment thing, I'd only just gotten a powermeter, and was in not great shape. The power I did it at was around 85% of my current FTP, the bike was 2kg heavier, and for some reason I rode it last time with two bottles. So, seems doable.

3. Club Des Cingléa du Mont-Ventoux: Going to attempt each of the main paved roads up Ventoux in a single day. Did Bedoin and Malaucene the last time I went, but didn't know about the club and didn't do the third ascent from Sault.

4. Maybe an everesting if I can find a good climb to do it on

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by TonyM

This year I will have ZERO resolution. Let‘s see the difference...

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by spdntrxi

ride more and get dropped less :)
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by tonytourist

Imaking20 wrote:
Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:05 am
On Zwift? With @bianchi10 I hope!! :unbelievable:

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by Imaking20

Obvi. Is there a world outside Zwift?

P.S. Zwift is still better than living in Bakersfield

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by cyclenutnz

1. Ride more than 2018
2. Get lighter, don't want to be fat when I turn 40 in 2020
3. Leverage having built my wife a new bike with Record 12s to get the same for myself...
4. Don't get dropped by my wife on the last mountain in the Gran Fondo we're doing together in March with nearly 3000m of climbing

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by jlok

1. Bike fit review.
2. Buy T1SL Disc.
3. Complete a training plan.
4. Go ride somewhere on different continent.
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by probertsqbe

1. Upgrade pain Cave so daughter and I can ride together
2. Plan next bike purchase in 2020 as I’ll be 50 and will treat myself to a new bike
3. Set a PB up the Stelvio during cycling trip in June 2019
4. Ride the Tour of Flanders and beat my mates

by Weenie

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by TLN

1. Get rid of one or may be two bikes
2. Finally do fitting right
3. Ride more
4. Ride faster.
5. Lose weight.
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