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by mriddle

Welcome to 2019, none of these tactics or actions are unique to the bicycle industry...

Surprised it took this long for Shimano to initiate changes.

by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

In the u.k the service only model is viable in big towns and cities. Service accounts for less than 10% of my revenue but that because I have brands I distribute, sell niche things online and build alot if wheels. there are only so many niches retailers that can serve the market.

Over here the shops that do well have a busy workshop. Those that rely on bike sales are always running to stand still.

Cities in the u.k have a growing number of time poor commuters and that's were the money is. In the USA bicycle commuting is probably not mainstream yet.

Bike should be transport first sport second. That will help the bike trade grow again.

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by XCProMD

And the winner in all this is... Shimano. They will keep on selling just about the same, at the same margins, nevermind the channel.

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by spartan

when prices online are cheaper most individuals upgrade. friend was quoted for 105 groupset at a local lbs. paid a little extra for ultegra online. since uk no longer in EU shimano can bully them. good luck in mainland europe. large opportunity for east european online shops to go big.
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by sfo423

I took a quick look and a complete r8070 kit (w/bar end junction upgrade) is ~$1635 from US retailer and ~$1422 w/under stem junction from EU. <10% diff although upgrade junction is close to $100.

eTap is another story. Still looks cheapest in EU.

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