HELP: AX Lightness brakes

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by Peeza21

Hi all

Been offered this AX Lightness brake set, but the seller is unaware of model. Any help would be appreciated, also a rough estimate of what I can expect to pay. Seller is unsure of value, so asking me, and I don't want to low ball.

Here are the pics:




Thanks for looking
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by sungod

i'd guess ax orion - pics i've seen of the ax 3000 show the rear brake with an al mounting bolt which is anodised black (vs. the ti bolt of the orion), though it may have changed over the years, i think later 3000s had a cf spring too

if the seller can weigh them, you could compare to listed weights, i.e. ... s_fork.pdf

can't help with price, it'd depend on condition of course, hard to see it being more than 30-40% original retail, maybe less - as it seems the seller doesn't know their history/usage, if they were the original purchaser one would think they'd know the model they bought - and if there're any odd parts needing replacement it could get pricey (assuming ax can still supply them)

by Weenie

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by trimenc

They are gorgeous and super light, as I did own that model.....but the absolutely SUCK at being brakes! They don't stop anything. They will barely slow you down....but they will make your bike and your wallet lighter. Just my .02c

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