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I noticed in Tour tests that the higher the stiffness the better the rating except in seatpost deflection. Is it really better to always have max stiffness or is their an ideal point? Also, I know this question is subjective but I wanted to hear the general consensus.

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by AJS914

I found the discussions in these links interesting. Personally, I've had a bunch of frames over the years and I've always loved the ones that felt "lively". My take is that you want it just right. Just right might also be different for a climber or a sprinter trying to win a race. ... ss-matter/ ... s-planing/ ... f-planing/

In the latest Cyclingtips podcast they discuss this a little bit with regards to their recent review of this Moots:

by Weenie

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by jih

The short answer: nobody knows for sure but there are a lot of opinions.

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by none

None of us have the same butt for comfort.. what's comfortable for one may not be the same as the other... I have a feeling that stiffness is like that on a bike.. what's stiff for one may not be stiff for another.

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