ergo style doubletap levers

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by JoO

I have always used campagnolo on my bikes.
I just can't get used to the brake levers of shimano or sram.

Now I am wondering:
Would it be possible to change the brake levers and shift paddle of a doubletap shiter for an ergopower linke lever and shift paddle?
Has somebody already attempted this?

My carbon working skills are limited (windsurf board repair only) but I have a friend who is quite handy.

by Weenie

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by Calnago

Here’s a thought... just stick to Campagnolo if you like it that much.
Years ago I went to the alps cycling and wanted a triple. Even though I was always on Campy I built up the bike with Shimano Ultegra (triple). Within a few days the shifting was second nature so I think you could adapt if you wanted to go with Shimano or SRAM for whatever reason. One thing I never did like however, and still don’t, is the combined braking/shifting action in the big lever of Shimano mechanical. You can adapt easily enough but I prefer those actions to be separate.
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