Colnago C64 seatpost wedge bolt specs?

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by bikeboy1tr

I loosened my clamping mech again today and this time as I am turning the bolt I notice that the whole assembly is rising up out of the pocket that it sits in, so I continued until it was completely out of the frame and removed it. I did not smack the bolt with the heel of my hand but I did hear it pop when I was loosening the bolt. The post still doesnt adjust easily but I know its not being held by the clamp at all whatsoever. I think from here on in this will be the method of adjustment for seat height for me. I think this is one of the best clamps I have worked with in my time.
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by Weenie

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by wilwil

I torque mine to 5 NM. If it s not tight enough the post does slip down. It always needs a whack under the saddle to release it. I dont use carbon paste. Slightly annoying that you have to hold the bike vertically to insert the seatpost.

Calnago: I have ended up cabling it crossing in the downtube because the conventional way causes the gear cables to be literally sprung loaded against the headtube due to the routing into the top of the downtube. There is also the possiblity of rubbing on the top of the downtube lug. Not really a satisfactory design but I guess most people will go electronic.

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by Calnago

@Wilwil: if I had a C64 I would for sure be crossing the cables internally, for the reasons you state. When I wrote my C64 thread back in February I specifically mocked it up to see how the routing would work out, having to make its way into the new port in the downtube, and was convinced I could do a super clean build that way. You just kind of have to make sure you’ve finalized where the bars are going to be first because it doesn’t leave as much housing for height adjustments as the Criss/crossing in front does.
BMC has a similar port for routing the cables in the downtube and they don’t have a problem displaying their bikes as such. It’s just so much better. Already had to put some clear stickers on the headtube of one guy’s C64 to prevent any further rubbing away of the finish.
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