Compressionless brake outers for disc brakes and Campagnolo levers

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by gerryc89

Hello all,

I am looking for some recommendations for compressionless brake cable outers: 1. compatible with Campagnolo 2. Suitable for internal routing 3. full internal (<2m) length

It would seem Nokon or Jagwire road elite are probably the best option, but I don't think I could fit them internally.

Are there any other options?

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by morrisond

by Weenie

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by Miller

Have done it with jagwire. You need to wrestle with it and show it who's boss but it's doable.

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by joejack951

I used Yokozuna housing, known for being super stiff, on my Hong Fu build with Campy Chorus. The worst part was feeding it through the Ritchey WCS Streem handlebars. The frame and fork were easy in comparison (both full length runs of housing). The only 'trick' was that I needed to eyeball my caliper alignment because using the loosen bolts/pull lever method wouldn't work. The brake housing was pushing on the caliper hard enough to deflect the rotor with the bolts loosened.

If I had to do it over again I'd use normal housing through the handlebars.

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by LeDuke

Anyone ever used Jagwire EZ Bend sections for tighter bends? Specifically, exiting the fork, internally routed bars, exiting the chainstay, etc?

by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

I've used them on my externally routed bars. They work well and make routing the cables along tight bends pretty effortless.
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