How to remove carbon stem cap

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by seanhunt1981


Hi Guys, first time poster long time listener etc... apologies if this may seem like a silly question but i'm totally stumped by this, I went to install a new stem today but how do I get the stem cap off this first? I was hoping it would twist or screw off revealing the bolt underneath but no such luck. I'm reluctant to force it off with some leverage as it might snap. I'm a little confused. Anyone any ideas?

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by Calnago

Loosen the stem bolts and it should slide right out, as that squeezing force is the only thing holding it in place. The preload etc is all done in the headset itself.
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by Weenie

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by seanhunt1981


Sorted. Thank you very much!

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by bikeboy1tr

Seems like a strange thing but when I pull mine out sometimes it has a vacuum effect happening. You end up double checking the stem clamp bolts again and yes they are loose, just have to pull little harder and it goes pop.
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by wheelsONfire

Oh, Jesus Christ,... how high is the spacer stack??
40mm or?

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