THM Clavicula SE and PM compatibility

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by dereksmalls

Which power meters can you run on a Clavicula SE if any?

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by cveks

how does it feel to ride 4.7 kg bike ? :)

by Weenie

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by Klaster_1

dereksmalls wrote:
Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:50 am
Which power meters can you run on a Clavicula SE if any?
Most likely pedal-based only. You can email Sensitivus and inquire if they do custom spindle PM installation, I think nobody did that yet.

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by mag

Or PowerTap G3 hub if that's acceptable for you.

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by spdntrxi

I use vector3

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by AndreLM

Powertap C1 chainrings, so you can completely ruin the looks of your crankset

by Weenie

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