The smallest ANT+ speed sensor

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by jgpallero


I'm looking for the SMALLEST (this is the most important thing, the size) ANT+ speed sensor, either the hub version or the external device plus magnet. Which is the smallest in the market?


by Weenie

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by 2lo8

I bought a cadence sensor from eBay for something like $10-15 once. I think it was able to double as a speed sensor. It was just a round disc of plastic about the diameter of the coin cell that powered it and maybe about 1cm thick. It had double sided foam on one side and a groove for a ziptie and only weighed something like 4 grams. That has to be one of the smallest sensors I've ever seen.
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by kwakekeham

Smallest I've seen is wahoo magnet-less one, but then the size of the silicone holder puts it at about the size of the garmin hub one.

The least protruding design is the integrated ones from Trek and Giant. The newest DuoTrap design feels a little bigger from photos.

Any reason you need smallest. Like if it's a hardcore weight weenie thing these things can be stripped of their housing, the cr2032 replaced with a cr1632 and heat shrink tube wraped to get it down in clearance... or even hidden inside the right cassette if you wanted extreme hidden -- though it'd cost radio performance, potentially damaged due to water, etc.

Look at the list of sensors available here. It's a full directory of the approved ANT+. So some chinese stuff might not be there.

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by TobinHatesYou

Or just don’t use one unless you are always in the shadow of a dense forest or tall office buildings. And in the latter case, I doubt knowing your speed will matter much.

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by Hexsense

I have problem with my center lock/straight pull disc rear hub too. There are so much going on that there is little flat space for sensor to grab. Both wahoo and garmin speed sensor are a little bit too wide. It fit at an angle but doesn't look so good. Fitting speed sensor to front wheel is not aesthetically pleasing IMO.

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