need geometry help from the fit gurus.

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by chiltonp

Center of BB to saddle on my ML is 768 mm. Unsure of my true cycling inseam.

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by alcatraz

Aeronova handlebars and maybe some other similar can lower your bars lower than what otherwise could have been achieved by slamming the stem or going steep stem angle. Just a tip.

I think you're close enough to get a similar fit on the SS.

by Weenie

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by 66freddy66

what other bars like the 3t Aeronova offer a long reach compared the standard 75-85mm you find on most bars?


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by Bigger Gear

I've used BB2stem a fair bit to nail down my fit across 5 bikes. To really be able to nail down a comparison you need to know the stack of the headset as this is not included in the "stack" numbers from a manufacturer. I know stack and reach are there to simplify things, but honestly I prefer to have all the individual numbers of angles, BB drop, and tube/fork lengths, instead of a manufacturers published stack.

Anyway, for an internal headset frame like a Cannondale or Giant the stack will be roughly 2mm plus the headset cap height. A lot of bikes seem to spec a 15mm top cap so using 17mm is a safe number. Even if the top cap ends up being 10mm as long as your setup requires some spacers you can just add 5mm, conversely if the top cap is 20mm you can take off 5mm of spacer.

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by MarcFaFo

savechief wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:29 pm
MarcFaFo wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 6:42 pm
Yes you are further away from the handle bars as your leg length determines your sadle position. Use a plumbline that begins at the front of your kneecap and should be going through pedal axis at 3 o' clock position of crank. This determines normally your sabble set-back. As such your position is different.
Thanks, That really helps me finding a good position. I was not aware of it because at the bike fit I had the guy did the plumb line method as well

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