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by LeeBo

Hi All,

I hope this thread is ok in this forum and it isn't too mundane.

So I am after a new bike and for months I have had my heart set on a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9. After hearing the horror stories on their aftersales service and the fact that they arent as "value" for money as they may have been before, I have looked elsewhere.

I have found a great deal on a Cervelo R5 - 2018 model with rim brakes and enve 3.4 wheels (which I have seen amazing reviews on)

I guess my questions are Cervelo R5 vs Canyon Ultimate 9 and disc vs rims. This will likely be the last bike I buy so I want to get it right.

The reviews on both seem to be about the same so I guess there may be little to choose from in terms of the frame quality etc.

The R5 is reduced from £7200 to £4700, the Canyon would be £5800 retail and best price they go for is about £5000 when in sale.

This will be a summer bike, however I am worried about buying rims and destroying the carbon wheels, can anyone set my mind at ease as I don't want to be replacing the wheels for years. I know disc wheels will last due to no contact.

At the same time, rims have been around for years and people love them so they can't damage wheels that badly as everyone would have rejoiced and swithced.

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance


by Weenie

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by CraigKnobovitch

Hands down Cervelo. Even if you're uneasy about the Enves, you can just sell them and get something like Mavic Cosmics (the alu/carbon ones). Regardless of your concern, Enve makes great stuff, ridden on them and loved them, My boss has done almost 10s of thousands of Kms on his and hasn't had any issues, also on rim brakes.

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