Scott Foil 2018 fitting Bb30 based powermeter

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by nanainmk

I have just bought a 2018 scott foil with ultegra bearing. Can anyone tell me if the Bb30 axle is going to interfere with the cable guide for the front and rear derallieurs. I know I need to use 4130 bearings and remove the sleeve from the original BB just not sure about this clearance

by Weenie

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by seaneT1

A friend of mine did interferes heavilly, it ended up causing lots of damage to the area in the end, so bb30 is a no go unfortunatelly.

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by nanainmk

Thanks your the second person to tell me that so I will send the bearings back and look at other solutions.I know the stages won't work without changing the rear brake. Garmin vectors look a bit too unreliable so need to research best solution

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by dudemanppl

Favero Assioma Duo ;)

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by Attermann

Bb30 won’t work, too short spindle, is it possible you mean bb386 chainset?

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by hambini

The BB30 standard has become a bit ridiculous.

Original BB30 was a 68mm axle.
BB386 was 86.5mm axle

Then lots of brands such as Rotor and FSA started calling their 90+mm axles "BB30".

If you have a true BB386 axle ie 86.5mm that won't work in BB86 either because it needs to be about 90mm to account for the flanges on the bottom bracket.

However, parking that lot to one side, I really wouldn't recommend running a 30mm axle in a BB86 bike frame. It's a recipe for problems.
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by nanainmk

The Quarq Dzero is over 100mm long so the length is not an issue other than fixing the q factor and float play.The issue with the foil looks like having to use 4130 bearings and the clearance with the cable guides which I wasn't aware off until today.I think I will be sending back the bearings I have bought and buying a trp rear brake and a stages crank arm

by Weenie

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