Aliexpress imports to the EU

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by Ticlimax

wheelsONfire wrote: Overhere it's a third world tax of 47.5% on top.
With all taxes applied, anything carbon is like this.
Buy for 1000 USD, all taxes included you pay 1882 USD taxed and ready.
For any complaints you'd need to file it directly to EU commission.
Basically, there is no way around the tax.
I guess i don't need to get into paperwork required for any warranty issues or returning goods getting money back?
It's really not worth it.
In my own opinion and experience, when shipping to Belgium: XDB-shipping works. I have a Chinese frame, seatpost, saddle and two wheelsets. haven't had to pay a customs fee or tax on any of it. Whether this is morally defensible is another matter, but as far as 'no way around the tax', I do disagree.

Warranty issues: you are entirely depended on the good will of the seller. So assume you don't have a warranty.
Returning goods: depends on the platform used to buy the products. When you buy directly from the manufacturer, again, you depend on good will.

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by Aeo

Just ask for shipping with XDB

by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

All things i have written here is the law inside EU. But if you have had luck and feel that it's the way things are, fine!
I have a buddy who built up two china copies. But things change. You can order with prepaid tax, that is the option i would go for if i ordered from Asia.
When i mentioned paperworks in case of warranty etc. That is because you need papers verifying you have paid taxes.
All these things is well worth checking out by calling customer department. It's always better to know for sure (fact) what is law and what is not.
Then it's up to the potential buyer to decide if he/she wishes to try to get things through paying low tax.

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